Multiplicity to Singularity, then Singularity to Multiplicity

While human has been exposed exponentially increased information in history so most of our activities and disciplines have been aimed to classify and store systemically, the technology has been developed the way abstracting its process so in the end disguising its body. As modern platform provide us uniform environment which is pretty upward standardized structure but also invisible, untouchable and indestructible, the artist against this flows and try to inspect each level’s construction and its fundamental bodies so that looking for the new, imaginative and humanistic way of understanding of our technology. The project suggests different ways to understand the fabrication of visual-spatial space in lost in oneself status through the central lens of analog technology and alternative concept of memory.

The sound was composed of four channels of different sources that amplified vibration from the slide projectors. The one is real time streamed, the other three are supposed to intersect between its original source and pitch-shifted sound based on the basic fugue technique.

As each slide projection was designed to select next sequence based on present status in visual and audio aspect as well, the sound part broadcasts self generated sound in real-streaming but records itself simultaneously. These recorded seed functions as a melody line so the other projectors' vibration will be pitch-shifted and beat-determined based on the same melody seed but with different parameters from the each unit such as slide number, differences between present and previous sequence and the slide's colour filter numbers. In the end the audience listen real-streamed present sound in one channel but also manipulated version in different channels which based on the past seed. Finally the present stream determines the audio composition in near future as well.

Though each produced and recorded sound clip is unique sound, as the system uses uniformly divided frequency division to pitch-shift on same melody seed, the different compositions could be mixed well anyway regardless its musical tonality as Bach did for his equal temperament.

As whole system this process happens as a chain relationship thus each projector will change the role and the new composition will be produced according to the seed melody which renewed periodically from different units. While core chain process described above works in cycle, intermittently visual and audio part influences each other based on certain conditions. So far the description is how the sounds are composed internally then each channel plays through specific distortion circuit that usually applies as electronic music effector such as electric guitar or base pedal.

Multiplicity to Singularity, then Singularity to Multiplicity : Conversation between Rothko and Lih, 2019

three slide projectors with flight cases, three 80-slide carousel filled with artist crafted slides, artist made three channel controller-synthesizer-mixer, mixer, amp-speaker, mirrors, crystal dish, plastic decoration buddha figure, plants

installation dimension variable